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Gas Conversions

Regent St Motors & Gas conversionss  in Oakleigh is a fully accredited AAFRB workshop. Our accreditation clearly demonstrates our commitment to the automotive LPG industry. An LP gas conversion can save you $$$$’s in running costs over the life of your vehicle. Why spend money on petrol when you can at least halve your running costs by converting to LPG. A gas conversion is economical, secure and better for the environment.


Orbital_Logo_WebsiteThe Orbital Auto Gas Liquid Injection Systems are now available.

The Liquid LPG systems have the benefits of an even greater increase of potential savings against other LPG systems. With Liquid Injection , there is an increase in ‘power’ and ‘torque’ in comparison to petrol.

The Orbital Liquid LPG system causes minimum system build-up and contamination and therefore eliminates the possibility of costly expenses and ensures trouble free motoring. This is because the contaminants are drawn into the engine and burnt. The Orbital Liquid Injection System carries a 3 year or 150,000km warranty. Call our workshop in Oakleigh today for a quote!

We are leaders in the Direct Sequential Injection System marketplace.

This Direct Injection technology is ‘top of the range’ and is ‘backfire proof’. This is a revolution for our industry and with the older Air Valve and Ring Mixer technology, tuning was imperative. If a vehicles tuning was neglected, the vehicle would backfire once on LPG. The power output and the economy, utilising this technology is almost equivalent to the operation on petrol. In some cases, the economy and power is improved.

We are Approved Impco Installers.
Impco is seen as an original equipment manufacturers product (OEM) and it is fit on the production line for the Holden VE. It is also a Mitsubishi Corporation System. This system carries 3 years or 100,000km.

logo_romanoWe also utilise Romano Direct Injection System.
This product is excellent, reliable and of high quality. The Romano Gas System carries a 3 year or 100,000km warranty.

The Air valve and Ring mixer systems are still available and are a “cheaper” option for the earlier model vehicles. They are still excellent, reliable and of high quality. Tuning must be maintained to ensure hassle-free operation.

For more information, call Regent St Motors & Gas Conversions Oakleigh,  contact us today.

The features of our Gas Systems:

  • Dual fuel
  • Automatic petrol start
  • Automatic chnageover to LPG
  • Automatic change back to petrol when LPG runs out and vice versa on injection systems
  • LPG fillers behind petrol doors
  • Combined changeover / gauge inside vehicle
  • Quality LPG cylinders including cylinders in spare wheel areas
  • Spare wheel brackets where applicable
  • Warranties

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